Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Mercury Glass Mason Jar Tutorial

We LOVE the look of mercury glass anywhere in the home, any time of year. But if you've ever walked into pottery barn, you know how expensive a piece can be. So BPB's solution? Find a way to make our own! Emily had tons of Ball mason jars left over from her wedding so we decided to try it out on those. 

1. Start with a jar (any clear glass jar, we of course prefer something vintage, maybe a canning jar straight out of your grandma's hutch). 2. Tape off the front of the jar as spray paint travels. We used crosswords because who has time for those anyway. 

3. Buy this INCREDIBLE MAGIC looking glass spray paint from Krylon. You can google it to see if it is stocked in stores near you, we called every hardware store around us and none carried it! So we bought it on Amazon. The can is super tiny and cute compared to a normal spray paint can. But it goes a long way.

3. Water bottle. Mist setting. First, spray 2-3 times inside the jar. This paint is designed so the opposite side that is sprayed creates a mirror effect. If sprayed on the front, it's pretty, but just looks silver. The water gives the paint a distressed look. Now you spray paint! Shake shake shake first. Spray thin coats inside. 5-6 coats, waiting 1 min in between. Voila! 

We staged them with succulents, because they are our favorite low maintenance plant. But you could use them to put paint brushes, make-up brushes, spools of thread, etc etc. 

These were such a huge hit at Alameda Antique Faire, we sold a bunch! 


  1. Thanks Debbie! It's such a simple project but the results are lovely. Send us a pic if you decide to make one!