Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Duck Egg Blue

In case you haven't heard, there is literally a miracle paint for furniture called Annie Sloan Chalk Paint. It took BPB months to get our hands on some because it is relatively new to the US and there are only a few stockists in the greater Bay Area. We finally found a store that sold it nearby (The Pickled Hutch in San Mateo) and snatched up a can of Duck Egg Blue to try out. We had the perfect French Provincial dresser that we knew would look amazing when it was done. Let me tell you, this stuff is like liquid gold.

The dresser was an ugly yellow color with gold trim, and this weird shiny white top that almost felt like a dry-erase board.
The yellow + gold drawers
At least the drawer pulls were super cute

We got the dresser ready to be painted by cleaning it off with a damp rag and taping the drawers. THAT'S IT. No prepping, no priming, no sanding. This paint is a Brown Paper Booth-er's dream come true.

We've read that the paint is a little thicker than latex, and that a little goes a long way and covers really well. We weren't sure about the dry erase board-esque top, but it turned out that the paint went on no problem. (Also, please excuse the terribly colored photos... We started painting this at 5 pm one day and finished that night! Too excited not to snap pictures in the bad lighting.)

We finished the main body of the dresser with just one solid coat, plus some touch-ups. Same for the drawers! We put the drawers in and she looked so finished already.

We still need to wax the piece to finish it off (maybe some dark wax in the carved details??), but other than that, here she is, in all her duck egg blue glory:


  1. Thanks for a lovely post!! So simple and charming. Love the name of your blog and the picture. Just my style


  2. You girls...what a post. I love your Duck Egg Dresser and LOVE all of your energy. You are all three such talented painters. I hope you can join all of us at Fort Mason in March, would be such a fun time. Are you doing Alameda next month?

    Oh, and I'm still secretly (heh heh, it is no longer a secret!) coveting Emily's boots!