Saturday, December 17, 2011

Brown Paper Booth

It started with a garage sale. And lots of unsold goodness. We four ladies decided that we were going to start a flea market booth (/side business to distract us from all our other work) with all of the unsold items after a garage sale back in October. We rounded up our crafting tools, brushed up on our sewing and reupholstery skills, and got to work finding and restoring antique furniture and home decor.

And that's how Brown Paper Booth was born.

BPB ladies @ Alemany grand opening
Our lovely first booth

Based out of San Francisco, we scour the Bay Area for treasures just waiting to be restored and transformed. About a month ago we had our booth's grand opening at the Alemany Flea Market here in SF, and next month (January 1st) we will be selling at the Alameda Antique Faire over in the East Bay (upgrade!!). We paint and reupholster all of our furniture ourselves to ensure that we sell nothing but the best quality, and also have a variety of beautiful antique home decor including lamps, books, mirrors, and artwork.

Some BPB treasures
 Grand Opening @ Alemany

For now we will continue to sell on a regular basis at the flea markets in the Bay Area, and maybe one day we will have the most perfect storefront there ever was.

Thanks for stopping by, and we hope to have you again as we update with our newest finds, projects, tutorials, and everything Brown Paper Booth.
Cane-backed chair makeover. Tutorial to come!
Hand painted & distressed chairs, w/ grey & white striped seats

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